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Why Chimney And Fireplace Inspections Are Essential

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Do you own a home with a fireplace? If so, you need to understand the importance of getting chimney inspections. Unfortunately, some property owners neglect taking care of the routine maintenance of their chimneys. This negligence can cause many issues that relate to safety and finances. The following points will help you understand how your family could be impacted by not having routine chimney inspections performed.

Hidden Structural Damage

If you do not get general maintenance performed on your chimney, you may have structural damages that you cannot see. This can be a gateway for water intrusion, and that may damage the chimney's building materials. Chimneys may get exposed to a variety of environmental substances that can cause the materials to deteriorate. Weather conditions and temperature fluctuations can cause important portions of your chimney to malfunction if they are not cared for. When the deterioration is not discovered in a timely manner, property owners may find out that they have to spend significantly more to get the issue corrected. 


A chimney in disrepair can cause a number of safety issues. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a potentially lethal consequence, and the odorless gas can also cause severe illness if a fatality does not occur. Exposure to this dangerous gas has caused the death of whole families. Everyone with a chimney needs to have a carbon monoxide detector installed near the chimney area. Fires can also occur if there are obstructions or debris in the chimney system. The buildup of creosote formation on chimney walls is flammable. This is why inspections and chimney cleanings are essential to the safe operation of chimneys. Some pests, such as squirrels and bats, may make chimneys their makeshift habitats. These pests can cause more than a nuisance. They may harbor diseases that can make you and your family sick, and some pests build nests that can contribute to a fire.


Some jurisdictions have laws that govern the safe operation of chimneys. You may be required to get fireplace inspections even if you never use your fireplace. Neglecting to do so could mean hefty fines, expensive repairs, and sanctions. Your insurance company may also have specifics regarding properties that have chimneys installed. Not getting your chimney serviced could result in the denial of fire-related claims that are related to your chimney.

A chimney sweep is a good resource to use to determine if there are any safety or repair issues pertaining to your fireplace and chimney. They are also the ideal option when it is time to clean your chimney. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers chimney inspections.