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The Importance Of Replacing Car Side Windows After Damage

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You may already know how important it is to replace the windshield in your car if it becomes cracked. However, you might not transfer that importance to the side windows in your car. Indeed, when these windows are broken or cracked, some car owners leave them be. Discover why it's important to replace your side windows when they've become damaged.

Side Windows Protect Occupants From the Weather

You probably drive your car in all sorts of weather. If you don't have a side window, wind, rain, and snow can enter your car. Not only will it affect you and your passengers, the interior of your car can get wet. If it's cracked, the window's more susceptible to full breakage in bad weather conditions. For instance, it'll likely shatter if hit by hail because its integrity is already compromised.

Side Windows Seal the Temperature Inside the Car

When you run the air conditioner or heater in your house, you likely don't leave a window open. Well, the same principle holds true with side windows. You'll have difficulty trapping heat or cold air in the car to combat the temperature outside if you don't have the side window. Again, if the window is cracked, the temperature differential can break it completely.

Side Windows Protect Occupants From Flying Debris

Your car gets hit with a lot of debris while you're driving. Pavers make roads out of gravel, and the tread on car tires picks up debris from other surfaces as well. You've seen what a rock or small chunk of cement does to a windshield. Well, the debris can bounce and enter the car from the side. You need the side window to protect you and your passengers from the flying debris.

Plastic Is Hard to See Through

If your side window does break completely, you'll want to protect yourself on your way to the auto glass repair shop. Nearsay recommends using a garbage bag and clear tape to cover the hole. Well, naturally, a garbage bag isn't as transparent as glass. Therefore, said plastic impedes your view. The impediment can be a hazard when you're driving because it provides a very large blind spot.

Side Windows Protect Occupants in Accidents

All windows are part of the car's frame. Manufacturers design the whole frame of the car to keep the occupants safe. Even if the cause of the accident doesn't come from the side, as in a T-bone crash, the frame needs intact windows to maintain its integrity. So, the top part of your car can more easily collapse during a rollover if you don't have the structure of an intact side window.

Don't leave your side window cracked or broken — have it replaced at you nearby windshield replacement shop.