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Uses For River Rocks In Your Landscaping

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River rocks can be extremely useful in a landscaping setting due to the wide range of functions that these stones can serve. While these rocks can serve many different functions in your landscaping design, you might not have put much thought into the different ways that you can utilize these stones in your property.

Decorative Highlights

One of the most common ways of using these stones will be to place them around the property so that they can act as decorative highlights. For example, it can be common for individuals to use these stones as cover for areas of the property that are unable to support the growth of grass. Additionally, it can be used for edging so that your flower beds and major plants can be better defined. For those that have lakes, fountains or other bodies of water, river rocks can be excellent highlights around these areas while also reducing the risk of individuals having to step in mud if they get too close.


In order to keep the plants in your landscaping as healthy as possible, you will need to minimize the amount that people walk over them. Stepping on the grass and other seemingly flexible plants can still damage them enough to eventually cause them to die or stop growing. River rocks can be an excellent option for creating a path due to their smooth shape. When placing these stones along the path, it is advisable to excavate a small amount of soil as this will help to hold these stones in place when they are being walked over or experiencing other potentially disruptive forces. Without this step, these stones will gradually get moved and disturbed.

Erosion Control

Soil erosion is a serious problem that can make it hard to grow healthy plants, build structures, or use your property in a variety of other ways. Often, erosion can be a chronic problem as it may worsen as more soil erodes. Preventing erosion from occurring can seem impossible, but understanding that it will start on the uncovered sections of your soil can help. If there are areas that are designed to be without grass or other plants growing on them, it can be advisable to place a layer of river rocks over the soil. In addition to physically holding the soil in place, these stones can also help the soil by retaining moisture and serve as shelter for a number of beneficial insects for your landscaping.

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