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Don't Take Chances: 4 Safety Tips For Your Watertight Hatches

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If you run a commercial boating operation, you need to take care with your watertight hatches. Issues with your hatches can lead to serious complications about your boat. One way to protect your boat and your hatches is to follow the safety procedures described here.

Don't Settle for Temporary Repairs

If you've had to make temporary repairs to your watertight hatches while you've been out to sea, don't leave those in place any longer than necessary. Temporary repairs should be just that – temporary. Trying to rely on temporary fixes could jeopardize the structural integrity of your hatches. To avoid problems, always ensure that permanent repairs are conducted as soon as you get back to port. Not only will your permanent repairs last longer, but they'll also be able to withstand the rigors associated with use.

Watch for Corrosion and Other Damage

When it comes to protecting the integrity and strength of your watertight hatches, you need to watch for signs of corrosion and other damage. This is particularly true where the seals, hinges, and locks are concerned. Saltwater increases the risk of corrosion and damage, especially during extended voyages. Each time you come back to port, inspect all the metal components of your hatches for signs of corrosion. It's also important that you inspect your rubber seals for signs of damage. Any issues should be repaired immediately.

Avoid the Use of Petroleum Products

If you've been using petroleum-based lubricants on your watertight hatch, you need to make changes right away. Petroleum-based lubricants can destroy your hatches, especially when the products are used on the seals. Petroleum-based lubricants can cause your rubber seals to begin to rot, which can lead to leaks and other issues. For maximum protection, use water-based lubricants on your hatches.

Keep Cargo Away From Hatches

If you carry cargo on the deck of your boats, keep it away from your watertight hatches. Placing cargo on or near your hatches can lead to serious damage. This is particularly true if you're placing excessive weight on the hatches for extended periods of time. Not only that, but placing cargo on your hatches could prevent your crew from making a safe escape in an emergency situation. Protect your boat and your crew by storing cargo a safe distance away from your watertight hatches.

Don't take chances with your watertight hatches. Use the safety tips provided here to avoid problems.