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Unbelievable, Enjoyable, Affordable, And Breathable Retractable Screens: 6 Undeniable Reasons They're So Covetable

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Especially in warmer weather, you're always looking for more ways your family can keep cool, have fun, and enjoy the great outdoors, especially from the comfort of your own home. Retractable screens make the hot summer more bearable, but there are so many other ways they're simply indispensable. From parties to cookouts and even romantic evenings, these customizable screens are seriously covetable. 

1. They're Durable

Made of a super strong mesh, the screens are made to last, whether they're keeping out bugs or keeping in pets. They can also keep out the sun's harmful rays while keeping you cooler. With professional installation by a contractor, the retraction and roll-out systems should function slowly, ensuring safety for surrounding individuals and reducing the probability of breakage. Powder-coated aluminum frames mean longer life, letting you have more maintenance-free fun time. 

2. They'll Make You Concealable

Retractable screens around your pool mean swimming at your leisure, with no nosy neighbors peering about. Around any part of the home, your family can enjoy the view looking out, but nobody from outside can make you feel on display looking in.

3. They'll Make Your Home More Fashionable

With the availability of many colors and designs, including simulated wood, your home will have the fashionable touch of your choosing. A simple, solid color to match the exterior of the house or something a little fancier, to contrast and compliment—the choice is yours.

4. They're More Habitable

Screens that allow air to flow directly through your home make it more habitable, particularly if anyone in your family has outdoor allergies. The screens will block (and even later clean, depending on the design you select) pollen and other sniffle and sneeze-inducing particulates. Fresh air circulates, comforting all occupants, only without the typical hazards of enjoying the outdoors, including pesky (and disease-ridden) mosquitoes. 

5. They're Hospitable To Guests

If you enjoy entertaining, retractable screens open many opportunities. You could open the screens and let the outdoors in, turning your home into a festival-like fun house, with guests able to come and go as they please. Close the doors for more intimate dinner parties or to keep the outdoor festivities from spilling over into the house. Guests will love whatever you choose to do with the screens, most especially if you let them play with the remote that controls them.

6. They're Doable For Almost Any Homeowner

Since they're customizable to fit any window or door, you can add them to a patio, terrace, or any type of entry way. They can be fitted to swing-out doors, such as French, or made to slide. With fewer modifications needed to be made to your home's existing structure, these screens can be very affordable, too. There are built-in or add-on types, with built-in attached to your window frame and the add-on being fitted to suit it. 

Ask a contractor about totally transforming your home's exterior, with the most livable screens imaginable. Retractable screens change any aspect of your indoor/outdoor life in a positive way, that's simply unbeatable. For more information, visit sites like