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Tips To Repair Storm Damage To Your Roof And Home

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When spring storms bring wind and excessive rainfall, it can cause damage to your home's exterior that sometimes results in interior water damage. Just because you have never experienced a water leak from your home's roof does not mean your are exempt and it will never happen. Water leaks to your roof come on progressively when your roof receives enough damage without getting the proper repairs. When your roof begins to show signs of leaking to your interior, here are some recommendations to help you remedy the problem and get your home back to order.

Stop The Leak

One of the first things you need to handle after discovering a moisture leak is to plug or block the leak. If the leak is originating from your roof and shingles, you can attach a tarp covering to the damaged area of your roof. Or if the leak has occurred due to missing shingles, you can attach replacement shingles with some roofing nails as a temporary fix.

If the leak is originating from between your roof and chimney, for example, moisture can seep down through the roof when it does not have proper flashing installed. This will need to be evaluated by a roofing professional to stop the leak and replace the flashing.

Determine The Damage

After you have stopped the leak from continuing, you can take an inventory of your damage. This may require you to get into your attic to inspect the joists and rafters for moisture damage and mold growth. Then, any wall materials below, such as drywall and interior insulation need to be similarly inspected. Insulation is especially susceptible to water damage because roll batting insulation will absorb moisture and need to be replaced entirely.

Look for moisture damage in your flooring or carpeting and underlying pad inside your home. It is important to remove the excess moisture with a shop vacuum or a carpet cleaner, then position fans on the area to dry it out as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Contact A Professional Roof Repair Service

Hiring the right repairs for your home is essential to get it back to its former condition. If the moisture damage extends from your shingles and through the roofing underlayers, into your attic and insulation, then down through to your living space, you have several areas that will need to be remedied.

First, contact a professional roofing company, such as Toth Roofing, to evaluate the condition of your roof and recommend the repairs it needs. For example, if your roof failed due to years of moisture seeping into the roof's layers resulting in dry rot to your roofing deck, you may need to have the roofing deck replaced and a new roof installed. Water damage inside your attic can also require you to replace any damaged joists or rafters.

Next, any insulation damaged from moisture will need to be removed and replaced. If mold growth has occurred anywhere in your attic or home, this will need to be cleaned out appropriately to avoid future contamination to the space inside your home.