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Considering A New HVAC System? How An HVAC Contractor Can Help You

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If you are considering installing a new HVAC system, this type of system is generally expensive, and it is important that you keep it running. To help you, you should obtain the services from an HVAC contractor. Below are two services they will offer so you do not have to worry about going without air conditioning or heat.

Installation of HVAC System

The most important service that an HVAC contractor can provide is heating and air conditioning system installations. This is something you should never do on your own unless you are qualified. The HVAC contractor can first help you choose the right size — you do not want a system that is too small as it would need to run much more to keep your temperature maintained. You also do not want a system that is much too large because this would be a waste of your money.

Once installed, the HVAC contractor will also install the ductwork for you. The ductwork runs to the HVAC system and is how air travels into your home and through your air registers.

When the contractor finishes with the installation, they will turn the HVAC unit on and check for any air or fuel leaks. They will also make sure the equipment and controls are functioning properly.

Provide Maintenance

It is important that you get your new unit maintained. You could do this on a yearly basis, or you could have the system maintained twice per year, such as before winter and before summer. During the maintenance service, the contractor will check the components inside the system. They may check the electrical voltage of the HVAC system's electrical components as well as check connections and tighten any that are loose. In many cases, a contractor will put your system through a work cycle to check that all components are working properly and safely.

If your system has a furnace, the technician will check that gas or oil connections are inspected. The technician does this by using a special device that can check if the gas that enters the furnace is at the right pressure. This is important for safety purposes, because if the gas is at the wrong pressure this could cause a fire. The contractor will also inspect the burner combustion and heat exchanger for dirt or damage.

Talk with the HVAC contractor for help in learning more about providing maintenance to your HVAC system, or to schedule a heating or air conditioning installation service today.