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Oh No! Hazards In The Caravan: 4 Tips To Deal With Hazardous Materials When Doing RV Renovations

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Hazardous materials can cause a lot of problems when doing RV renovations. During the planning stage of your renovations, it is important to test for issues like mold, asbestos, and lead paint contamination. Before the real work with renovations, you are going to have to deal with hazards in your RV. Here are 4 tips to help you deal with these hazardous materials when doing an RV renovation.

1. Dealing With Mold Problems From Leaks and Water Damage

When doing renovations to an old RV like an Airstream, there are many problems that can cause damage and hazards. Water leaks are a major cause of rot, mold, and deterioration of materials inside an old RV. You want to make sure that you inspect the RV for leaks and signs of water damage, which often means that there may be a mold problem that needs to be addressed before completing the restoration.

2. Old Coats of Paint and the Possibility of Lead Contamination in Your RV

With many old RVs, there may be several layers of paint coatings that could possibly contain lead. Therefore, it is a good idea to take your RV to a professional restoration service to ensure that the paint does not contain lead and is not going to be a hazard to you or your family on future road trips.

3. Many Types of Old Materials That Could Contain Asbestos

There are many building materials that have been used in building RVs that contain asbestos. When restoring an RV, the repairs that are needed are different than doing a restoration to a home. This often means that any asbestos material that is found inside an RV needs to be properly disposed of to ensure that there are no health hazards created during the restoration.  

4. Plumbing Problems That Cause Problems With Raw Sewage Contamination

Grey and black water waste with RVs is stored inside tanks. Usually, there is a short distance between storage tanks and the plumbing installation. This means that leaks with plumbing drains and other issues can cause raw sewage problems inside your RV. when doing a restoration you want to inspect the plumbing and the grey water and black water storage tanks to ensure there are no signs of raw sewage contamination.

These are some tips to help you deal with hazardous materials when doing RV improvements and renovations. If you are planning on doing renovations and think your RV may contain some of these hazardous materials, contact a professional Airstream renovation company such as Innovative Spaces for help with getting the work done.