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Insight To Help You Build A Backyard Shed To Safely Store Your Tools And Equipment

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Being a homeowner with a backyard and landscaping requires you to have an array of tools and equipment for caring for and maintaining your home's exterior. From power washing your siding to mowing the lawn, there is a specific tool for many tasks, and you need a place to store your equipment that is out of the elements. When you have neither a garage or space in your garage for storage, you can build an extra out-building in your yard for these items. Here are some instructions to help you build a durable and long-lasting protective backyard shed for your outdoor equipment.

Pour a Concrete Slab

Before you build a metal shed in your yard you will need to prepare the site foundation for your building. Building a shed onto uneven and unprepared soil will result in an off-kilter building that does not provide the protection for your tools you need and will not last as long as it should. Level the area with a skid-steer or Bobcat to remove the top several inches of soil and prepare it for pouring a concrete foundation slab. You can hire a landscaping company to complete this.

In addition to having level soil on the site, it is recommended to install your metal shed onto a level concrete pad to keep moisture out of your shed and prevent potential settling from uneven soil. A concrete pad for a metal shed needs to be only a thickness of four inches and installed upon a layer of compacted gravel. The landscaping company can also provide you with the gravel to install as a base for the concrete. Layer and compress the gravel onto the site for a well-draining and durable base. Hire a concrete contractor to frame and pour a concrete pad slightly larger than the foundation of your shed upon the gravel, or you can do the work yourself if you have the skills and tools.

Install a Floor Frame Kit

After you have your concrete poured and it has properly cured for the recommended time frame, you can begin to install your metal shed. You can order a shed kit, or buy a pre-constructed metal shed from many home improvement and outdoor retailers. Be sure to also order and install a floor frame kit, which will provide additional protection to the interior of your shed. This floor frame kit needs to be installed before you erect your shed.

A floor frame kit adds a floor onto the interior of your shed which sits above the concrete. Your shed floor installs into the base of your outbuilding, connecting with a framework of galvanized steel channels that support a layer of pressure-treated plywood. This protects your interior from moisture intrusion between the floor of the shed and the concrete slab.