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3 Different Options For Natural Pool Designs And Filtration Systems

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If you are going to have a new pool installed, chemical-free natural designs are a great choice. You may want your pool to have a more conventional look that matches the design of your home, or a natural look that blends in with the landscaping surroundings. Here are some of the different options to consider for natural pool designs and filtration systems:

1. Natural Pool Filtration with Conventional Pool Designs

If you already have a pool to start with, you may be planning renovations for your pool. You may want to keep the conventional pool design, but still have a natural filtration system installed. To do this, you will need to have a space in your landscaping that can be dedicated to the natural filtration system. This area can be blended into the natural surroundings with rocks and water features and provide water and circulation to pool filtration systems. This type of system will give you natural filtration that is hardly even visible and a conventional pool design.

2. Designing the Filtration Area with Plants and Animals

There is the design of the natural filtration system, which needs to include several components. First, your filtering system will need to include mediums to help clean debris from the water, such as rocks, gravel and sand. In addition to the filtration medium, plants and animals are also going to be needed to keep the water clean and clear. Some of the plants that work well with natural filtration system include, cane and other marsh plant life.  Some of the animals that you will want to consider for your natural filtration include animals that feed off algae and plants.

3. Natural Swimming Oasis That Blends into The Surroundings

Another option that you may want to consider for your pool renovations is a completely natural oasis that looks like it has been there for centuries. This is possibly one of the best options for your new natural pool filtration system because it gives you many options for custom designs. You can play with rock structures and other features of your pool filtration design to give it a personalized look. These features can even include rock formations that makeup part of your pool and grottos.

These are some of the different options that you will want to consider for natural pool designs and filtration systems. If you are ready for a new pool installation or upgrades, contact a landscaping rock excavation service and talk with them about getting materials for your natural pool filtration designs.