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Why Decorative Concrete Is Great For An Outdoor Pizzeria

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Outdoor pizzerias are a popular way to enjoy delicious pizza at a reasonable price. Those who own these businesses owe it to themselves to use high-quality stamped or decorative concrete to make their restaurant stand out and to make a little more money.

Decorative Concrete Has Many Uses

If you have never heard of decorative concrete before, it is a type of building material that is stamped with various designs to create surprising looks. They can be used to highlight the unique nature of a business and create a fashion that is unique to a restaurant. For example, a high-quality pizzeria could use stamped concrete on their outdoor eating areas to create a layered and classy look.

Even better, they could stamp their logo on the concrete to make it stand out even more. These steps help to make your pizzeria look a little classier than your competitors and will draw many walking guests. As a result, you should see your profits increase after installing this type of concrete. 

It Also Has A Diverse Array Of Other Benefits For Your Business

Decorative concrete is a particularly nice addition to an outdoor restaurant. That's because it not only catches the eye but resists weathering damage. As a result, your beautiful decorations will last for years. Even better, they can resist the kind of acidic burn caused by tomato paste stains. For an outdoor pizzeria, this is a major benefit.

Surprisingly, decorative concrete is also a very long-lasting building material. This means you may only have to install it once or twice during the lifetime of your outdoor pizzeria. Therefore, you'll save a large amount of money by avoiding the necessity of regular concrete maintenance.

The Costs Are Reasonable

One thing that may concern the average outdoor pizzeria owner is the cost of decorative concrete. Thankfully, the pricing for this stamped decoration is not that bad. On the low end, you can get a small job done for about $800. The high-water mark for decorative concrete is about $1,200 for larger and more intricate jobs. The national average is about $1,000.

That cost is a small price to pay for concrete that makes your pizzeria look better than your competitors. If it draws even 12 more customers to your place every month (all of whom pay about $15 or so), you'll make an extra $180 per month or $2,160 in a year. That's nearly double the highest cost of installing decorative concrete.

As a result, it is a good idea to contact a cement facility near you and talk about the benefits of decorative concrete. These specialists can find patterns that highlight your pizzeria, including those that mimic Italy and add a charm to your restaurant that it has been missing. Contact a company like Stephens & Smith Construction Inc for more information and assistance.