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Choosing An Automatic Door: Factors To Consider

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Automatic doors are modern stylish and convenient. They will add to the appeal of your business. But when you're considering commercial glass door replacement for your business, how do you choose one from the many options on the market?

Volume of Traffic

Choose your door according to the amount of traffic that goes through your door or that you expect in future. High traffic is equivalent to two people per minute going through the door. Medium traffic equals one person per minute while in low traffic, an average of one person goes through the door every five minutes.

Type of Traffic

What kind of clientele do you cater for? Are they predominantly children, the elderly, the frail or the disabled? Choose the kind of door that will be easy for them to use.

Level of Automation

Automatic doors have different levels of automation: From low energy to semi-automatic to fully automatic. Low energy doors are safe, even when they collide with a user as they don't use much force. As the name suggests, they will also save you energy. They are ideal for residential apartments, offices and buildings that constantly received frail or handicapped people. Semi-automatic doors move fast and have sensors to prevent collision with users.

Fully automatic doors are faster, and use greater force. They are therefore fitted with sensors to prevent injuries. Fully automatic doors are ideal for high traffic buildings such as schools, shopping centres, hospitals and supermarkets.

Energy Conservation

Some doors use more energy than others. Others allow you to switch from fully automatic to semi-automatic. 

Sliding Automatic Doors

Sliding doors are durable, reliable, and discreet. You'll hardly know they are there. They are popular for their simplicity and low maintenance cost. They also don't require much space. Sliding automatic doors are ideal for two way traffic in high traffic buildings such as large supermarkets and hospitals. They are quick to install and safe and don't require sensors.

Automatic Swing Doors

These can be used for high, low and medium traffic. They can be fully or partially automated, which means they allow you to save energy.

One beautiful feature of automatic swing doors is that you can have them installed on existing doors. They are often used for one way traffic. However, because of safety concerns, they require more sensors. For automatic door installation and repair, call a business such as Creative Door Inc. All of these can be valuable options for commercial glass door replacement.