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Three Reasons Why Your Chain Link Fence Would Suddenly Need Repair

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Chain link fences are among the most durable of all fencing materials. It is very difficult for natural causes to ruin these fences, and only certain human actions can damage such a fence. If you find that your chain link fence suddenly needs repair, it could only be do to one or more of the following reasons.

Someone Tried to Drive Through the Fence

Whether drunk or incapacitated, whether angry or just vengeful, people may try to drive through fences. If anybody with these issues or temperaments has recently driven through your chain link fence, the fence is going to be quite the mess. While the steel woven mesh of the fence with stretch a bit on impact, what usually happens is that the mesh wraps around the front end of the vehicle until the mesh gets really tight. Then the vehicle is prevented from moving further. Still, this is definitely one chain link fence repair for the storybooks.

Someone Wanted to Stealthily Break in by Cutting the Fence

Even though this type of fence is made of steel, it can still be cut with a bolt cutters. If your chain link fence surrounds a government compound, people who want to break in would first make sure you have not electrified the fence, and then use a bolt cutters to create a hole big enough for them to crawl through. These holes create a problem because they allow animals and people alike to step onto the property without your permission. Thankfully, this type of repair is rather easy and inexpensive, compared to some other chain link fence repairs.

Something Very Large and/or Very Explosive Damaged the Fence

From meteors to misguided military missiles, stranger things have destroyed fences (and houses too!). If something very large and/or explosive hit your fence, you probably have metal splinters of it all over the place. Not only will you have to repair and totally replace that section of fence, but you may also need a construction contractor to come out and pluck metal bits from any nearby structures and then do repairs on those structures.

Any Other Reason Is Even More Unusual

Because of the strength and durability chain link fences have, any other means of wrecking such a fence would be very unusual indeed. Trees that grow up around them would not have time to do so without you noticing that it is happening. Deer getting stuck in the fence is another oddity, and while it would require helping the deer out of the fence or shooting the poor beast, it really would not damage the fence much. Even overweight humans trying to climb your fence using the openings as footholds could not do half the damage needed to require repairs.

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