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4 Facts You Must Know About Professional Septic Tank Cleaning

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If you recently moved into a home with a septic tank, you may not be familiar with how to care for one. Septic tanks can be a great solution for people without direct access to the city's sewer line. However, there is a lot of maintenance involved with septic tanks, including professional cleanings. Cleanings are one of the best ways to ensure your tank keeps working. Check out these four important facts you should know about professional septic tank cleaning.

Cleanings Should Be Performed Regularly

There are many over-the-counter products you can buy to help keep your tank clean. These products are necessary to help breakdown the waste in the tank, so it doesn't get too full. However, eventually the tank still needs regular professional cleanings to prevent an overflow because even as the waste breaks down, the tank still eventually gets full.

Too many homeowners wait until problems arise to clean their septic tank, but it's important to keep up to date on regular cleanings. After you've become familiar with your septic tank, you should be able to estimate when it will need to be cleaned. If the septic tank is still unfamiliar, pay attention to how full the tank is when it is professionally cleaned. If the tank is still half empty, you know you can wait longer, but if the tank is almost overflowing, you'll know to do it sooner next time.

Cleanings Protect Your Yard From Damage

If you fail to have your tank professionally cleaned, it will eventually overflow, and with nowhere to go, it seeps into your yard, creating a disgusting mess that will need to be professionally cleaned for even more money. There are many signs to watch for if you are concerned your septic tank may have overflown.

One major sign is lush, green, healthy grass growing above the septic tank, especially if the rest of your grass is not healthy. This is a sign that the grass is getting a lot of nutrients from the waste in the septic tank. Another noticeable sign is that your yard stinks like waste. The smell, of course, will be worse closer to the tank. Lastly, you may actually see puddles begin to form on your yard.

Cleanings Prevent Contaminated Water

A major problem that an overflowed tank can cause is contamination. It isn't too common, but it is possible for the waste in your septic tank to reach ground water, contaminating it. Even worse, the contaminated water may end up reaching other bodies of water, such as lakes and rivers. This puts the entire community in danger.

If you have a drinking well on your property, however, the bigger problem is if the contaminated waste reaches your drinking water. Water that has been contaminated will have an unpleasant odor and a strange color. Check your water before you drink it if your septic tank is leaking, but if in doubt, don't drink the water until it is professionally cleared.

Cleanings Keep Your System Maintained

Lastly, regularly cleaning your tank helps keep it well maintained. If money is the reason you've avoided a professional cleaning, don't worry. A professional cleaning costs about $376. While that may sound like a lot to pay for just a cleaning, consider the alternative. If your tank does overflow, it will cost a lot more to make any necessary repairs and clean the waste.

On top of that, if you neglect to clean your tank, it can actually put more wear and tear on the system, so it breaks down more often or doesn't last as long. You'll end up spending a lot more than $376 to replace the system or have a major repair.

You can usually ignore your septic tank unless something goes wrong, but the tank does require more maintenance than homes that are connected to the sewage line. Cleaning is one of the best things you can do to ensure your system doesn't fail or break. For more information regarding professional septic tank cleaners, contact a provider in your area today. You can also look at this site, or others like it.