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Do You Have Water Pooling Around The Home? What To Do

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If you continually have water around the foundation of your home and you don't think that it's a grading problem, there are some other factors you want to look into. You'll want to see if there is something on or around your home that is causing these different problems. Look into these potential problems to find out what is causing the water pooling.

1. Realign and Replace Your Rain Gutters

The water problem that you have could be caused by your rain gutters, which are attached at the edge of the roof. If the gutters aren't moving water the right direction, and if the water isn't traveling far enough away from the house, it's time to realign or replace them.

You may want to get new vinyl or aluminium gutters that have extension pieces to carry the water as far away as needed. Gutters with screens for the top are also great, because you don't have to worry about them getting clogged or jammed.

2. Fix Leaking Hose Faucets

A leaking hose faucet may not seem like it could cause much of a problem, but it could be the source of costly water issues. If the faucet is dripping, the ground is most likely always moist and it can't handle more water when there is a heavy rainfall. This can cause pooling around the house. Checking all of the faucets and repairing this problem should also help lower your water bill.

3. Address Mulch or Stone Problems

Before you put down mulch or stone, it's best to dig out the area where the mulch will be placed and then put down a plastic liner. This is so the material doesn't seep into the ground or move around a lot. If you don't place a plastic liner for the stone or mulch, water could soak into the ground. It could resist drying because the soil is covered or because the mulch is saturated. This is especially detrimental if the gutters are directing water into the area.

If you are often seeing water pooling around your foundation and you aren't sure where it is coming from, these are common factors to consider that could cause a problem. Talk with the necessary professionals to see how you can get the gutters inspected and fixed, check your hoses for leaks, and fix your landscaping if necessary. Talk to companies like Rocky Mountain Roofers & Gutters for more information.