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Basement Waterproofing Systems That Will Ensure Your Home Stays Dry

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The waterproofing in your basement is more complicated than just a coat of sealant on exterior walls. Foundation waterproofing systems consist of layers of watertight seal, a drainage system, wells, and pumps to keep your home dry. If one of these systems fails, a water problem will eventually start in your basement and can grow into something worse. Here are the systems that you need to ensure your home is dry and safe from water problems: 

1. Waterproofing Seal Systems on Exterior Foundation Walls

The first part of the waterproofing of your basement is layers of sealant on exterior walls. These systems consist of a durable synthetic sealant that is painted on the wall and other layers of insulation. Without the layers, static water pressure from ground water can cause cracks in walls and eventually failure of your waterproofing. If you have an older waterproofing system, you may want to consider having it updated to prevent these problems.

2. Drainage Solutions That Help to Keep the Water Out

Drainage systems are important to keep the water out of your home. In modern homes, there are usually two systems. The first drainage solution is a French drain that is buried on the outside of your home's foundation. The other solution is an interior drainage system that deals with water and moisture that gets into your basement. The interior systems usually drain to a sump well.

3. Sump Pumps and Wells That Remove Water from the Basement

Sump wells and pumps are what pump water out of the basement of your home. The sump pump comes on when the well is full and removes water. Moisture and condensation can cause water to naturally build up in a basement and a sump system solves this problem. If you have a sump pump, make sure that you do regular maintenance to ensure it is working properly.

4. Exterior Drainage and Dry Wells to Deal with Water on the Exterior

Exterior drainage is also important, and you want to do everything possible to keep water away from the foundation of your home. Make sure that water drains away and that there is good drainage. When there is nowhere for the water to go, you can have a drywell installed to give water from drainage a place to go.

These are some of the waterproofing systems that are needed to protect your home from water damage. If you have a problem with water getting into your basement, contact a water damage contractor like Complete Restoration Services to help with cleaning up the mess and completing some of these repairs.