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Benefits Of Xeriscape Landscaping

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Xeriscaping is a special type of landscaping method that uses plants that occur naturally in a region. There are multiple benefits of xeriscaping. Here are a few of them:

Water Conservation

By using indigenous plants, xeriscaping helps eliminate the need for adjunct watering. In areas where there is little rainfall, desert plants continue to thrive. Xeriscaping maximizes the use of these types of plants to facilitate low-maintenance landscaping.

This is especially important in areas where there are restrictions on watering during drought months. In such areas, you may only be able to water on a specific day of the week or the amount of water that is used for your yard may be limited by local officials. Plants that are not accustomed to a hot, dry climate may die, leaving you with the expensive task of replacing them. However, plants that are native to a warm, low-moisture area are likely to withstand the reduction in water.

Less Chemicals

When a plant is indigenous to an area, it has often developed the ability to withstand native insects. However, when a plant from a different region is implanted into a new locality, it may have few natural defenses against the local insect population. This makes it necessary to use insecticides to protect your property. With xeriscaping, because native plants are used, there is less need for chemical pesticides.

Less Fertilization

If the nutrients in your soil are insufficient for a transplanted plant, you can supplement the soil by adding fertilizer. The fertilizer provides the plant with the minerals needed for it to grow well, and it helps eliminate some of the shock of the transplant. However for local plants, the nutrients within healthy local soil are usually sufficient for the plant's needs.

Increased Property Values

Well-planned xeriscaping can result in a beautiful outdoor landscape. This can translate into higher property values. It can also help a home sell more quickly if you ever decide to place it on the market.

People experience a psychological response called the halo effect when they are first introduced to something new. This effect causes them to associate the remainder of the new item with their first experience with it. Thus, if a potential home buyer first sees a beautiful xeriscape and admires it, he or she is likely to think well of the rest of the property.

To learn more about xeriscaping, schedule a consultation with a landscaping professional in your area or check out websites like