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Underground Plumbing Planning: How A Plumber Can Help You Make A Plot Of Land Easier To Sell

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Plots of land often sell themselves, but sometimes really large, vacant plots sit idle for years. Real estate agencies have different means of making these plots more appealing to buyers, including the installation of underground plumbing. If you have a large plot of land that you want to sell through a real estate agency or you want to sell it quickly yourself, a plumber can help. Here is how a plumber can help you make a plot of land easier to sell.

First, Consult the Plot's Detailed Plans 

Most plots of land and developed properties or partially-developed properties have detailed plans at the county courthouse or register of deeds office. Go look up the plans and deed information for your plot. Then look to see if there is already plumbing installed underground on your plot. If you are not sure what you are reading regarding any plumbing, ask to speak to a plumbing contractor that works for the county/state. This first plumber will help you read and understand the plans so you know exactly what plumbing, if any, you have underground on the property.

Next, Hire a Plumbing Contractor Who Can Install Extensive Plumbing

Installing full underground plumbing on your plot accomplishes an important task. It prepares the plot for any and all indoor plumbing that the buyer would want to install in the building or home. For such a project, you will need to hire a plumbing contractor and a construction contractor. The construction contractor will assist the plumbing contractor by digging up the ground on the plot to a certain depth and installing plumbing that connects to the city sewer lines. The pipes are then built up to reach ground level, blocked off to prevent backwards flow of sewage, and then covered with a lighter layer of dirt. All of the new pipes and plumbing are then mapped out on a new plot map that you can take to the real estate agency (should you hire one to sell the property for you).

Lastly, Make Sure You Promote This Feature on Your Plot's "For Sale" Flyer

With all of the new plumbing fully installed, buyers who want to develop the property or build a house on it will be really impressed with what you have done. The plumbing also allows you to ask more for the plot than you were asking before. Make sure you put all of these details in the sales flyer, highlighting the plumbing. You can click here to investigate a plumbing company.