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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Travertine Tile

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If you have had travertine tile installed in your home, it's important to know how to maintain and clean it, especially since this type of tile is more expensive than other types. This type of tile is also more sensitive to cleaners because it is a type of limestone, which is a more sensitive mineral. To take care of it properly, you will want to avoid these four common cleaning mistakes:

  1. Cleaning With Generic Cleaners: Generic cleaners you can buy at your general grocery store tend to have a lot of acidic materials. The problem with this is that the acidic chemicals can eat away at the sealant on the travertine tile. Once this happens, it makes your tile more susceptible to staining that is almost impossible to remove once it is underneath the sealant and on the actual travertine material. 
  2. Cleaning With Generic Grout Cleaner:  Cleaning the grout of the tile is something that you are going to want to do often because this area traps dirt and dust easily. However, you should never clean it with a generic grout cleaner. This is because these are made to be much more abrasive. This will end up leaving surface scratches on your travertine tile. 
  3. Putting Too Much Pressure On The Surface: Travertine tile is not flexible like other surface materials. This means that it cannot hold heavy weights and you should never put too much pressure on it, which can only leave dents. This means you need to scrub lightly and watch what you are placing on the surface. Don't leave heavy buckets of water in one spot for too long, for example. 
  4.  Not Using Protective Trays: If you have travertine tile on your countertops, it's important to use protective trays to hold certain products, such as hand soap. If soap gets directly on the surface of the tile, it can leave dark or light spots on the surface that won't go away unless the tile is completely restored, which is expensive to do. This also means that when you clean, even when you are using specialized cleaners, you need to be sure that the cleaner is removed completely from the surface and not left to sit. 

When you avoid making these four mistakes when cleaning travertine tile, you can be sure that you make your tile last for a long time to come. This will also ensure that you can clean the tile on your own without worry about messing it up. Save money on professional cleaning by knowing how to clean it well yourself. For more information on travertine tile cleaning, check out websites like