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Why Is Cedar Such A Great Wood For Making Fences?

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Wooden fences may be made from oak, pine, cypress or any other host of wood varieties. But there's one type of wood that is incredibly popular for use in fencing: cedar. Cedar is a rather bland-looking wood compared to woods like oak and maple, so why is it such a common fencing material? As it turns out, cedar's rather lackluster appearance is made up for by the many other benefits it offers.

Cedar doesn't warp.

You've probably seen fences with crooked, warped boards or panels. This happens with many woods; they absorb water, and then as they dry out again, they start bending. Cedar, however, does not absorb water as readily as other woods. So, it resists warping, which means your fence will stay looking straight for years to come. This makes it a great choice for fence designs that call for many side-by-side panels, as well as for post-and-rail fences that look a lot more pristine when their rails stay straight.

Cedar repels insects.

Pests like wood bees and carpenter ants can wreak havoc on a wooden fence. They dig tunnels in the fence to build nests, and these tunnels weaken the fence, making it more prone to cracking. If you want to keep these insects away from a typical wooden fence, you'll need to apply insecticides, which can be risky around children and pets. Cedar, however, is naturally repellent to insects, thanks to its potent essential oils. That's why people used to keep their clothes in cedar chests to avoid moth bites – and why you should choose a cedar fence if you don't want ants and bees around.

Cedar does not need sealing.

As previously stated, cedar does not readily absorb water. This, along with its essential oils that are repellent to microbes, keeps it from rotting. You don't need to apply wood sealer to a cedar fence. Cedar prefers to breathe naturally, which makes it very low-maintenance.

Cedar lasts a long time.

A cedar fence can last for 30 years! This is twice as long as you can expect a pressure-treated pine fence to last. Having a fence replaced is costly and time-consuming, so by choosing cedar, you're reducing the time and money you'll have to dedicate to your fence in the future.

Cedar fencing is a low-maintenance, durable choice for most any yard. Talk to a fence contractor like one from Rut Fencing in your area to learn more about cedar fencing.