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How To Keep Your Roof Clean And Why You Should

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Your roof is probably the last place you'd think to clean, but it's important to be kept clean. Keeping your roof clean of debris such as limbs, twigs and leaves, in addition to other debris such as mold will help prevent a bigger problem later down the road. A buildup of this debris can cause your gutters to become clogged, which can create a backlog of water and can cause a leak in your roof. Mold and moss can breakdown and degrade your roof, lessening the life of your roof, not to mention it can make your home look unsightly. See below for cleaning instructions to clean your roof.

Tools And Materials Needed:

  • Ladder
  • Old clothing
  • Spray bottle
  • Cleaning solution (made up of 1 gallon white vinegar and 1 oz. dish soap)
  • Bucket
  • Hose
  • Scrub brush (long handled)
  • Gloves and protective eye-wear


  1. Use your ladder to get up to the roof. You may want a helper to hold your ladder for you. Be sure to take all of your items up with you. Have your helper hand them up to you if needed. Once up on the roof, go up to the very top so you can work from the top down.
  2. Remove any large objects such as limbs and twigs from your roof.
  3. Begin spraying your roof with the garden hose to loosen up any dirt, debris and mold. Be sure to only use a garden hose, as a power washer is much too strong for roofing materials such as asphalt shingles. A power washer can damage your shingles by loosening them, tearing them off completely or spraying off the asphalt granules.
  4. Work from the top down to the bottom, moving in small sections to be thorough.
  5. Once finished spraying down your roof, inspect it for any remaining mold. If you still have mold, use the cleaning solution and spray directly on the mold. Use the scrub brush to help remove the mold, but be sure to gently scrub the area. Scrubbing too hard can damage the shingles.
  6. Repeat this process with all of your roof until you have all of the mold and mildew removed from your roof.
  7. Rinse your roof with the garden hose to remove the cleaner. 
  8. Next, inspect your gutters to ensure they are not clogged with any debris. The water you just sprayed onto your roof should be draining through your gutters and down your downspouts. If there is a buildup of water, you'll need to clean out your gutters as well. 

Cleaning your roof can be done as part of your yearly maintenance, or you can do it on an as needed basis. Be sure to inspect your roof to look for not only mold and other debris, but to check for loose or missing shingles, as well as leaks. Even a small leak can lead to a big problem. Contact a roofing professional like A-1 Roofing & Siding for help if you notice a leak.