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Reading Your Roof: 4 Signs It's Time For Some Work

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A roof has to be built tough to adequately protect your home from rain, sun and everything in between. Yet sooner or later, even the toughest roofs are bound to wear down. Therefore, it is vital that you can identify the signs that your roof is in need of work. Here are four clear signals everyone should be able to recognize.

Water Damage

Everybody knows that a roof leak is bad news. Unfortunately, not all leaks can be caught in the act. Yet even if you haven't noticed water actively coming into your home, you may still have a problem.

The good news is that the majority of roof leaks are relatively minor, and can usually be remedied with a minimum of time and money--so long as you act fast enough, that is. Therefore, it's a good idea to head up into the attic to periodically check for such leak symptoms as:

  • mold or mildew growth
  • blistering paint
  • discolorations or stains on the roof joists


Sometimes water damage is simply too subtle to notice--especially in a large, dark attic. Luckily, though, this darkness makes it easy to notice another strong indication of roof damage: light. Be sure to visually inspect the entire underside of the roof, looking out for any areas where light is shining through.

Unwanted Growth

Most people wouldn't think of roofs as being the hospitable places for living organisms to grow. But there are a few hardy species that can thrive on asphalt shingles--often causing unwanted damage in the process. Even seemingly harmless moss can hasten the deterioration of your shingles by retaining moisture and increasing the rate of roof rot.

Though not always as easy to recognize, algae is another unwanted roof pest. If you've noticed streaky black patches on your roof, algae is probably the culprit. Though not as destructive as mold, it can negatively affect the appearance--and thus the value--of your home. Luckily, algae can be effectively kept at bay by having a strip of copper installed at the peak of your roof.

Loose Shingle Granules

The majority of homes are equipped with asphalt shingles. As you probably know, these are coated with a layer of granules that provide toughness and durability to your roof. But as shingles age, these granules begin to work loose--eventually building up to noticeable levels in your gutters and/or planting beds. This is a strong sign that your roof may be nearing the end of its lifespan.

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