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Three Signs That Your Gas Furnace Needs Professional Help

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If you're like many people living in the U.S., you're probably more than ready for this year's long, hot summer to come to an end. However, now that the air is beginning to turn refreshingly crisp and the leaves are starting to change, it's time for homeowners to ensure that their interior living spaces stay toasty warm all winter long. Furnace malfunctions during chilly winter days and nights can make everyone miserable in a hurry. The key to preventing this situation is to make certain that your gas furnace is in good running order before the cold weather sets in. Following are three signs that you need to call a professional repair contractor to check out your furnace.

Your Furnace Flame is Yellow

If your furnace flame is yellow instead of blue, that's an indication that your furnace is producing an above-average amount of carbon monoxide. Because this can have several causes, all of which mean that the furnace is not functioning properly, you should turn your furnace off immediately and call a professional service if you notice that your furnace flame is mostly yellow. You should also visually inspect the flame on a regular basis during the course of the winter.

Household Residents Are Constantly Feeling Sick

Symptoms such as headaches combined with nausea, burning sensations in the eyes and nose, feelings of confusion and disorientation may be signs that the exhaust system in your gas furnace has become cracked and is emitting unacceptable amounts of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide detectors are available from home improvement retailers that can alert you to high levels of the gas. 

You're Cold All the Time

If your thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature, yet you and other household residents are constantly cold, that indicates a problem either with your thermostat or with your gas furnace. If it's your thermostat, a technician should be able to fix the problem within 15 minutes -- it could be something as simple as having to reset the switch on the thermostat. However, a constantly cold house indicates serious problems with the gas furnace itself, particularly if it's an older unit that has not been well-maintained. 

There are many other indications that your furnace may be headed for a breakdown, so be certain to read your owner's manual thoroughly in order to familiarize yourself with all possible signs of dysfunction. Having it fully serviced on an annual basis is the best way to circumvent inconvenient situations during winter cold snaps. For more information, speak with professionals like West Country Heating & AC.