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3 Efficient Appliances You Can't Afford To Go Without In Your New Home

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It's exciting to have all new appliances when you're building a new home, but you must make sure everything that you put in the new property is going to save you money. Spending the money on the top high efficiency appliances isn't just going to save you on your monthly utility bills, but some of these great appliances will even pay for their investment cost over time. Here are a few different appliances or options you should talk with your builder about, to have them added into the cost for your new home.

Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater can be over 30 percent more energy efficient while heating your water than a traditional style tank, and one can save you $100 or more a year.  These systems heat the water as it comes through the heating system, instead of storing heated water all day, so less energy is consumed. Putting a single tankless hot water heating unit at each sink in the house can save you even more money. For more information about water heaters, visit H.R. Stewart Inc.

Heat Pump for HVAC Efficiency

A geothermal heating pump pulls warmth out of the atmosphere to make the house warm throughout the cold weather months. During the hot humid summer days, the unit pulls heat and humidity out of the home. This unit prevents your furnace and air conditioning unit from running as frequently, and it can eventually pay for itself within 5–10 years after it's installed. Then it continues saving you money for years.

Natural Gas Fireplace

With a high efficiency natural gas fireplace you could save up to $593.00 a year on your household heating bills. The gas fireplace is easy to start and has little maintenance, and is an ideal option for homeowners. You'll be able to reduce the amount you use the furnace, and you'll be able to use the fire for lighting as well if you want to save on electricity.

Talk with the contractor that is managing the construction of your home to have these things added into the plans, and find out how many other energy efficient appliances you can get to keep saving money. You want your home to be so efficient that it doesn't cost you a fortune to run appliances throughout the year, and you want those appliances to put money back in your pocket. These suggestions are just a few of the great possibilities you have to use in your new home.