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Why Vinyl Is A Great Window Material

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The best thing about new windows is that they can make your home much more energy efficient. It is an expensive remodel, but it is good value for the money when you consider that it upgrades the interior and exterior of your home. Also, you will save even more money through your reduced energy bills over the years. This article will explain why vinyl is one of the best window frame materials.  

Vinyl is Energy Efficient

Vinyl frames have great efficiency ratings. This is because vinyl does not absorb heat and transfer it into your house as quickly as wood or aluminum. Vinyl frames can be solid or hollow. Hollow frames are available with extra fiber insulation. When searching for the proper insulation, you need look for the r-value rating. The higher the r-value, the better the insulation. Your recommended r-value is based on the region you live in. It is also important to consider the color of your frames. A light color vinyl frame will also have better solar efficiency. 

Extra Insulation with Storm Frames

When shopping for new vinyl windows you will also hear the term storm windows. Storm windows have reinforced frames that are thicker and provide better insulation. Importantly, they also have multiple glass panes for even greater solar efficiency. Double and triple pane windows have pressurized air or gas between each pane. This helps with heat retention. A multiple pane storm window with vinyl frames will be extremely energy efficient.

Vinyl is Low Maintenance

The added bonus of installing vinyl frames is the fact that they are low maintenance. You will not need to invest much time or money to keep them up over the years. Vinyl is a light, hard, smooth and waterproof surface. It is great for all sorts of movable windows. Sliding vinyl frames can operate with ease (without any lubrication). They are also great for large vertical sliding windows because the weight of the frame will not pull the window down. They do not need to be resurfaced or sanded down to keep them operating like new.

It is easy to see why so many people invest in vinyl window frames. It is a practical material that is affordable and efficient. At the same time, it is made in many great styles and in a wide range of colors. You will have no problem finding a vinyl product that will fit perfectly into your home. Contact a local outlet, such as Treasure Valley Seamless Siding, for further assistance.