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3 Benefits of Installing French Doors in Your Home

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If you are building a new home or thinking about remodeling the one you currently own, consider that installing French doors might provide a huge stylistic boon for your space. Though they have become increasingly popular in recent years, many people still have doubts about whether the benefits of the doors justify the cost. So if you have any doubts, take a look below to discover three great benefits of having French doors in your home. 

Opening Up a Room

Sure, installing French doors won't actually increase the amount of square footage in your home, but it will almost certainly create the appearance of there being more interior space. This effect is often referred to by interior designers as the act of "opening up" a room instead of closing it off with heavy, dark-colored doors. Because French doors are among the most transparent of dividers, they are able to keep spaces separate while still offering views of additional space, whether inside or outside.

Letting in Natural Light

One of the best ways to brighten up a room, especially a family room or large den that leads to a deck, is to let in natural light. French doors let in even more light than large windows, so they are able to transform a formerly dark and depressing room into one where everyone wants to gather. Other spaces that benefit from an increase in natural light include kitchens and breakfast nooks, where the light creates a feeling of openness, even in smaller spaces. French doors can also be installed in master bedrooms on upper floors when the residents want a view of their balcony and beyond.

Custom Weather Stripping

Many people who live in extreme climates fear that installing exterior French doors will either—in the case of desert homes—trap too much heat inside the home during the summer, or—in colder environments—let too much heat escape the house. But exterior French doors can be customized with weather stripping to combat these problems. In fact, if you have an afternoon or two to spare, you can install weather stripping materials yourself. Among the most popular materials used by homeowners are self-adhesive tape, vinyl strips, tubular gaskets, and vinyl or rubber door sweeps. French doors leading to an exterior patio or garden may benefit most from thick sweeps, while doors that separate interior rooms can be easily sealed with a long piece of tape.

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