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3 Types Of Plungers To Get For Your Bathroom

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A plunger is one of the most basic tools to have in your bathroom and something everyone can use, but there are more than one type of plunger. Here are some types of plungers you can get for your home bathroom.

Standard Plunger

The first type of plunger you should have and learn how to use is a standard plunger. This is the type of plunger that works mainly on sinks, though you can sometimes use it in your toilet or in your shower. The standard plunger has a simple design with a straight handle and a rubber cup at the end. You can usually find different sizes of standard plungers, differing in the size of the handle or the rubber cup. The standard plunger works best on a flat surface, which is why it is better for the sink. You need the cup to lay flat over the drain while you push down on the plunger, helping to create a vacuum to push obstructions down the drain.

Toilet Plunger

While a standard plunger sometimes works on the toilet, you should really get a second plunger specifically for clogged toilets. This will be similar to the standard plunger used on sinks, except there is an additional rubber flap that folds out from inside the rubber cup at the end. With the flap, the rubber cup fits better over a toilet drain, which helps to clear a clog more efficiently. If the flap is folded inside, it can still be used on the bathtub or in the sink as a regular plunger. One thing to remember about this type of plunger is that the flap can get dirty when you are plunging with it closed, so make sure to clean it well when you're done using it.

Accordion Plunger

You may have seen an odd-looking plunger at your local home improvement store that looks to have an accordion design. This type of plunger has a small cup but above that cup is a larger rubber piece in an accordion style. This is best for clearing toilet clogs because the accordion portion creates more force when trying to push down on the plunger. It is best for more serious clogs, whether it used on the toilet or a sink. However, due to its size, it can be hard to use on a bathroom or kitchen sink.

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