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Hand Over The Hardwoods: Four Reason To Rip Up The Carpet For Wood Floors

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Most homes come fitted with modern amenities, one of which includes carpeted flooring. From the early 1900s to 1950s, America saw a boom in the home carpet industry. Even today, the default floor setting in any home, condo, or apartment is carpeted flooring. While soft carpet has its place in the home world, hardwood flooring has begun to creep up in popularity again. If you are on the fence about changing out your plush, tufted flooring for smooth wood, here are four reasons to make the change immediately.

Hardwoods may help allergies and asthma

In cities and in rural areas, allergies and asthma may present major issues. Carpet is more likely to hold on to allergens, making it one of the worst flooring choices for those who have allergies. Those with asthma must not be around dust, and dust is very likely to blanket carpets without being seen. Pet hair and pet accidents are also easier to clean up on wood floors of all kinds. In order to aid in easing the symptoms of asthma and allergies, consider exchanging rugs and carpet for hardwoods.

Resale value

Well done hardwoods can make a floor look even better. The smoothness of the floors will match the walls, and lead the eye up to the ceiling. Smooth flooring in a soft color can make the ceilings appear taller, giving the space a more luxurious feel. Resale value is known to be higher in many areas for homes with hardwoods versus carpet.

One of the reasons why the resale value is high is that placing carpet over the hardwoods is a much less expensive and labor intensive task than pulling up carpet and placing hardwoods. For areas that are near beaches or in sandy areas, carpet upkeep is also much more trouble than wood flooring.

Easy room theme changes

From season to season, or buyer to buyer, the theme of a room may be changed. For example, going from minimalist modern with black and white colors to colorful eclectic with geometric colors is easier when you have a totally neutral palette to work with. Laying a beautiful rug can help to change up the room theme. Placing rugs over carpet can cause the carpet to become worn down if the back of the area rug is too rough, but laying a rug neatly over smooth wooden floors is a simple fix. 

If you're thinking about making the change to hardwood floors, or if you'd like more information before making your decision, contact a local flooring company like Mansion Hill Custom Floors.