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Three Things You May Not Know About Radiant Heating And Cooling Systems

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If you want to have heating and cooling for your home, there are many choices. Conventional HVAC systems are centralized forced-air systems, and radiant systems use radiators or embedded tubing. Radiant systems can give you many options for the heating and even the cooling of your home. You can choose from different technologies, energy sources and much more when you have a radiant system installed in your home. Here are three things that you may not have known about radiant heating and cooling systems for your home:

1. Radiant Systems Offer You Many Different Energy Choices

Radiant heating and cooling systems give you many energy choices for your heating and cooling needs. These systems can be installed like conventional systems and use gas and electricity. They can also integrate geothermal technologies to reduce energy consumption. For heating, you even have the choice between solar, biomass, and alternative fuels. These choices mean that you will always be able to find something that works for your home.

2. Cooling Can Also Be Integrated Into Modern Radiant Systems

When you think of radiant systems, you may think about the heating in your home. Modern systems can also incorporate cooling into the radiant heating and cooling system. This is done by circulating cool water through tubing in the ceiling or walls, just like with radiant floor heating systems. These systems cost a lot less to operate, and are ideal for systems that use geothermal heat exchangers. The geothermal loop will provide your home with the cooling you need, which means that your cooling costs will be a lot less.

3. Radiant Systems Will Not Affect The Air Quality In Your Home

Heating and air conditioning can affect the air quality in your home when forced air systems are used. With radiant systems, there are no fans, ducts or air filters. This means that the heating and cooling will not affect the air quality in your home. With a radiant system, you will always have clean air in your home, and not have to worry about problems associated with ducted air conditioning, such as contaminants in the ducts. 

These are some of the things that you may not have known about radiant heating and cooling systems for your home. If you need help deciding what is the best combination of radiant technologies for your home, contact a professional heating and air conditioning service like Custom Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning Inc to get the help you need for heating and cooling your home.