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Constructing A New Storage Facility? 3 Things To Consider

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If you have decided to open a new storage facility and are starting from the ground up, below are three things you should consider. Getting things right the first time will ensure your business runs smoothly and stays in good condition.


One of the first things you will need to do is to choose the materials to construct your storage facility.  High quality steel is a good choice for your units. Steel is easy to install, and many steel systems are pre-fabricated, which means you may be able to assemble them yourself. If you have a large storage facility, however, you should hire a contractor to do it for you.

There are many benefits of choosing steel. It is sturdy and holds up well in extreme weather conditions, such as heavy snow, high windows, heavy rain, etc. Steel also has reduced risk of catching on fire and is easy to maintain. If you are concerned about the environment, steel is recyclable. Talk with the construction company to see what they do with the leftover steel.

Construction Site

When choosing the site for constructing the storage unit facility, you should make sure the soil is firm and well drained. You can hire a professional to test the soil to determine this. The land should also be even. If not, the storage facilities will not be aligned properly. This can also make it more difficult to install the roofs, the doors and walls may be crooked, etc. When the construction company starts laying the concrete, make sure they check this before they get started. If they find the land is uneven in any way, they have equipment they can use to level it out.

Storage Unit Condition

You should make sure the steel buildings stays in good condition. Fortunately, maintenance is not difficult. Use silicone spray to keep the door hinges lubricated on the unts. You can purchase this spray at most home supply stores. You should also check the roof often to make sure there is no debris building up, such as snow, leaves, etc. Check the units regularly for scratches. If you notice them, touch each scratch up with paint to prevent rust from forming.

When hiring a construction company to construct your storage facility units, make sure they are reputable. You may want to interview a few companies to help you make the choice on what is best for you. For more information about pre-fabricated metal buildings, contact a company like Commercial Industries Company Inc.