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3 Major Ramifications That Come From Illegally Dumping Waste

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Have you ever seen random piles of trash alongside highways or in rural areas? Illegal dumping is a significant problem in many parts of the country and can have many ramifications. Here are some issues that can arise from illegal dumping:

Risk to the Health of People and Animals

Aside from the fact that excessive dumping is an eyesore, it can also pose a serious health risk to those who come into contact with it. Children, adults, and even animals can be at risk for health problems due to certain things being dumped illegally. In animals, any garbage can pose a risk. They can ingest debris that can get caught up in their digestive tract and cause them serious problems. Animals can get tangled up in things like plastic drink rings and netting, leaving them vulnerable to predators and natural elements.

In humans, especially curious children, the dumping of chemicals or medical waste can pose a huge problem. Chemical or hazardous waste dumping can cause health problems even if they don't come into physical contact with it. Chemicals can leech into the ground and pollute streams and dirt that people may come into contact with. The dumping of things like used hypodermic needles can also be harmful by spreading diseases and bacteria to those around it.

You Could End Up Paying Hefty Fines

Illegal dumping is considered a felony in many states. If you are caught, you could end up paying major fines. Some states where dumping is a big problem are even threatening violators with the possibility of jail time. You could also lose your vehicle if it was used for dumping.

Leads to Major Environmental Problems

In addition to the possibility of chemical leeching into the ground, there are many other environmental issues that arise from dumping illegally. Forest fires resulting from dumping flammable waste are often a concern, especially if someone throws a lit cigarette out of a car window or it comes into contact with flames. Streams and other waterways can become blocked if excessive trash is constantly dumped, causing the eventual backup of water. This can interrupt the natural occurrences of fish, beavers, and other wildlife that live there.

Illegal dumping can have a terrible impact on the environment. If you have an excessive amount of trash that needs to be disposed of, be sure you do so responsibly. You can schedule a dumpster company to come pick it up at your location or see if a recycling center will pick it up for you.