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Four Reasons You Should Have A Glass Company Handle Antique Glass Replacement

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Antique or vintage homes are filled with history and most of it can be found in the architecture. Part of that architectural history is in the glass located on doors, in windows, and throughout the home as accent pieces around entryways and in private living areas. If you find that some of this glass has chipped or is broken, you may want to try and replace it yourself. Before you take on that project, consider the reasons you should hire a glass company like Jesse's Tri-City Glass & Mirror Inc for the antique glass replacement instead.

Types of Glass

You may look at the glass in a vintage window and believe it is curved, but it may not be. There are actually several variations of the curved style and each have their own characteristics that make installation tricky. If you try to handle this task yourself, you may use the wrong type of glass, and when it is installed it will have an entirely different look and feel than the rest of the window frame. A glass company specializing in antique glass replacement will know what type of glass you have, where to locate the proper replacement, and the modern alternatives available to give you the same look at a fraction of the price.

Installation Procedures

When you take on the task of installing new glass, you will likely look at it from a modern viewpoint. The problem with that view is that most antique glass was installed slightly differently. You can try to learn how to install the glass, but without knowing certain specifics about the glass and installation used on the rest of the home, you could either break the glass or cause damage to the window frame. A glass replacement professional with vintage glass knowledge can install the glass properly to give you a seamless look and avoid damage to the vintage wood window frames and surrounding areas.

Modern Building Guidelines

Many vintage homes have been grandfathered in to be exempt from modern building standards. This usually entails specialty inspections and possibly being listed on local county or state historical lists. When you replace the glass, however, most building codes require that the new glass meet the modern building code standards. A glass company will know these standards and can ensure that the glass replacement not only looks like it belongs with your vintage home, but also meets the building codes.

Specific Cuts and Measurements

You may find that the glass in your vintage home doesn't fit a traditional measurement. This makes it increasingly difficult to find glass replacement. A glass company can find the glass you need and cut it to fit your window. These cuts, without the proper training and equipment, may be too difficult and you could end up breaking the glass due to a costly mistake.

If you have vintage glass in your home, consider contacting a local glass company that specializes in vintage glass and installation. Have them inspect your home for any possible issues and keep them in your contacts for when you do have a glass replacement need.