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Signs That Might Indicate A Problem With Your Home Breaker Box

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As a homeowner, it is crucial to make sure that you are well aware of what is going on with your electrical system. If you are not careful, you might miss some signs that something is wrong with something major, such as your breaker box. Whether you have just added new electrical systems to your home, such as a recessed lighting system, or you are just keeping an eye on the old system, you need to know the following signs of trouble.

Feels Hot To The Touch

While you are not supposed to go sticking your fingers in between any exposed wires in your breaker box, you should be able gently lay your hand on the flat metal part of the box in order to determine whether it is hot or not. It should always be cool to the touch. If you are starting to feel any warmth, or it is actually very hot, you have a possible electrical problem within your break box.

Circuits That Keep Tripping

Occasionally tripping a circuit into the off position should not be the cause of alarm. It can happen in just about any home. In fact, this is something that the circuits are designed to do. They are made to flip into the off position if they start to become overloaded in order to prevent further issues. However, should you find that this is something that is starting to happen more often than not, it needs looked into because there is a real problem.

Burning Smells

The moment you smell anything that smells like something is burning in or around the breaker box is the moment you need to flip the main breaker off, exit the home, and call the fire department. The fire department will come out just to make sure that there is not an existing fire. It is only after that that you can call in an electrician (such as JF Electrical Contractors, Inc) to check the breaker box out.

With these warning signs in mind, you are going to want to make sure that you are paying extra close attention to the breaker box whenever you walk past it. This way, you are sure to notice something going wrong before it is too late. Of course, if the breaker box is not located in a section of the home that is normally visited, you might want to make it a point inspect it at least a few times a month just to be safe.