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Tips For Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner

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You rely on your air conditioning unit to keep your home cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, however, even the best and most well-made air conditioners are bound to experience problems from time to time. When something goes wrong with your air conditioning unit, it's in your best interest to call in a repair professional to take a look. If the repair service can't get to you right away, though, there are a few things you can try in the meantime that might temporarily get your air conditioner working again.

Check for a Tripped Circuit Breaker

When an air conditioner suddenly stops working out of nowhere, one of the most common causes is a tripped circuit breaker. Lots of things, like a sudden surge of power from plugging in another device, can cause a circuit breaker to trip.

To check and see if this is the problem, go to your home's circuit box and find the circuit that controls the plug where your air conditioning unit is plugged in. Hopefully, your circuits will be labeled, but if not, you can flip each one on and off to see if one turns the air conditioner back on. If not, the problem could be a blown fuse or some other problem better handled by a professional.

Check your Condenser

If your air conditioner runs but isn't cooling your home, then the problem likely lies with the condenser, which is the part of your air conditioner that is made up of spring-like coils.

It could be that you have your unit set too high for the condenser to really do its job, so try dialing it back a few degrees and seeing if that makes a difference.

If not, a dirty condenser could be to blame. Unplug your unit, clean the coils thoroughly with a damp cloth, allow the unit to dry, and then try turning it on again. If you've fixed the problem, then you can enjoy cool air until your air conditioner repair person shows up; that's right- even if you get the unit working again, it's still smart to have an air conditioning and heating professional take a look to make sure more serious problems aren't going on.

These are just a couple of things you can try if you suddenly find yourself with an air conditioner that's on the fritz. Don't get too "handy" though. If you don't know what you're doing, you could seriously damage an air conditioner by fooling around with its internal parts, so, when in doubt, just leave the repair work up to the pros.